Ethical Forestry Pension Mis-Selling Claims

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Who are Ethical Forestry

Ethical Forestry is an offshore investment scheme situated in Costa Rica whose main operation involves tree plantations. It was given a promotion as a SIPP appropriate investment by a provider in Bournemouth. The investment scheme has led to many who invested with them losing a huge sum of their money, ripping off their clients’ pensions and retirement plans. However, the current corporation’s management has gone into insolvency, which could lead to its complete shutdown. The financial losses accrued by those who have invested in the investment scheme will however not be covered by the Fiscal Regulator compensation scheme since it was an offshore investment. 

Ethical Forestry claims

This has led to widespread Ethical Forestry complaints over online platforms, with an increase in demand for the SFO to take action and to conduct an investigation. However, Ethical forestry has also operated under different names such as Ethical Forestry Holdings and EF Sales and Marketing Ltd. Under such names, the investment scheme was able to sell and conduct trade as well as managing a group in Costa Rica known as Melina tree plantations.

How Ethical Forestry ripped their Clients off.

The Ethical Forestry team made an assurance to their investors, savers and those who had pension and retirement funds, that this scheme would yield high proceeds from the scheme. However, advertising under the Sustainable Timber Management’ designation, the scheme required their SSIP stakeholders to buy 600 tree plots for a whopping £18,000. The stakeholders were misled thereafter to gain their trust that this mis-sold venture could help them earn over £100,000 after the course of a 12 year period- a time in which the tree had been already harvested and traded.

Of course, this opportunity would sound tempting and appealing to many people wishing to get financial security and securing their livelihoods after retirement. Making a huge fiscal return while playing a role in conserving the environment at the same time definitely sounds like music to my ears. Who wouldn’t want such a deal? This is what had made many people rush into an investment with Ethical Forestry. The fact that the investment scheme used Melina trees, further misled people into thinking that it was a secure venture.

This was due to the superiority in the nature of this type of trees, with high resistance from unfavourable humidity and moisture variations as well as an impressive growth rate to remarkable heights over a period of 12 years. None the less, other risks the investment would have a probability of facing were not made very clear to the clients, such as diseases, disastrous weather conditions, and pests. Had such risks been clearly explained then it would have led to better decision making and a better judgement call regarding investing with them and prevented ethical forestry complaints and ethical forestry claims.

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