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What Is A Serp?

SERPS stands for State Earnings Related Pension Scheme and is also known as additional state pension. The pension scheme was operated via the UK Government and it started in 1978 and ended in April 2002.

It got replaced by a new scheme called the second state pension due to the entitlement and inheritance rules laid out, You need to get a good understanding of how this scheme works.

Anyone who made class 1 NICs (national insurance contributions) between 1978 & 2002 is entitled to serps. Serps were set out by the government to increase how much someone who retires would receive as a benefit it was worked out to be that it would cover 25% of the person salary but was reduced to 20%.

How Much SERPS Compensation Am I due?

Working out if you were mis-sold serps & what lump sum compensation you’re entitled too if you was mis-sold isn’t the easiest of tasks, but dont worry we have done the hard work for you and broke it down to make it as simple as possible to work out.

  • First all of all you need to look at your “surplus earnings” and we do this by working out what the difference is between the lower earning and upper earning limit for each tax year of which you was a serp member.
  • Second, the surplus amount continues to increase until you reach retirement age.
  • Thirdly, we look at your total earnings between 1978 & 1988 and divide this by 4. Then between 1988 & 2002 and divide this by 5. Then Add these figures together.
  • Lastly, we then divide the number of tax years passed and the year in which the individual reached or will reach state retirement age.
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What Does Opt Out (Contracting Out) Mean?

A lot of people had the option to “contract out” out of the SERPS option and moved to private pension schemes and then this meant they lost their entitlement to SERPS. This became most popular between employers as this meant they had to pay less national insurance payments. The method was only available to people who were contributing to final salary pension schemes but then was open in 1998 to money purchase schemes, which meant a lot of people “contracted out of serps”.

If you contracted out of serps during or after April 1997, you will have no SERPS entitlement relating to earnings after that point. If you contracted out before that, your entitlement will be reduced in line with the so-called ‘contracted-out deduction’ & mis sold serps.

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Was I Mis-Sold My Pension?

Health & Medical Issues

The adviser failed to take into account your health and medical issues or failed to ask.

Not Given Enough Information

You were not given all of the information required to make an informed decision.

Given the Wrong Option

You were advised to take out a personal pension by a financial advisor but a company scheme would have given you a better deal or you were Mis Sold a Serp &
owed Serp Compensation.

Didn’t Shop Around for Deals

You were not given the opportunity to shop around for the best deal.

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