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Mis Sold Pension Letter Template An Overview

One of the most important financial goals of any person is to have a sound plan for income when they retire. There are various pension schemes available in the market which can help you ensure that you receive your desired level of income once you retire from your job so that you have a comfortable life post-retirement.

While most of the good financial advisors always recommend you pension schemes which are appropriate for your requirements, sadly that is not always the case. Many companies and financial advisors practice selling products in which they gain the maximum benefit irrespective of the fact that they may not be the best product for your requirements such as some certain sipp pension schemes. Such as 1 stop financial and the Aigo fund.

If you ever have been fooled into buying such a pension plan, it is likely that you may not be able to get your desired pension amount when you retire. The good news here is that you can still get compensated for any loss that you may have incurred if you can prove that you were mis sold the pension plan and thankfully we can help you do this.

Where to start pension letter template?, Let’s work out if your eligible to make a claim first.

So how do you get your compensation? The first step is to determine if you are eligible for a compensation. If any of the following is true for your case, you can be eligible to get a compensation:

  • If you were not explained the risks properly by your financial advisor.
  • Your financial situation was not properly assessed with a fact find.
  • If you were told that the pension plan will definitely pay off your mortgage.
  • If you were not explained that the amount you get will depend on performance.
  • If you were not accurately explained the fees and charges.
  • If any of the above points stand true, then it is possible for you to get a compensation.
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mis sold pension letter template

I think I’m Eligible what’s the next step?

The next step in this process is perhaps the most critical step as you have to file a mis sold pension letter with your pension provider. While it is always possible for you to prepare such a letter using mis sold pension letter template and file the claim all by yourself using a mis sold pension letter template you found online, you should know that these companies will try not paying your compensation and will find various legal loopholes with your claim to reject the compensation.

So how can you ensure a strong chance of success for your mis sold pension claim?

That’s where we come in! Our team of specialists know exactly how these companies can reject your claim and help you build a strong case for you so that your chances of getting the compensation increase significantly. When you opt for getting a claim via us, we go through your entire history with the pension provider to collect evidences towards mis selling of pension product and file it in a legally accurate manner so that you have a watertight case for your compensation rather then sending a letter template for mis-sold pension or mis sold sipp apart from that, we also help you determine your appropriate compensation amount so that you are not underpaid for your loss. The best part of all this is that we do not charge a single pound from you unless and until you get your compensation!

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No, I still want to claim myself !

If you wish to go through the entire process all by yourself, you can always use the mis sold pension complaint letter templates available on the internet as a starting point to understand what goes into your claims process such as martin lewis money saving expert. However, our expert and experienced mis sold pension claims specialists are your best option to get the compensation you deserve in the most hassle free manner!

Why You Should Choose Claiming  4 U For Your Claim?

Claiming 4U are an experienced claims management company, specialising in claims for mis-sold pensions. We pride ourselves in doing everything we can to help our clients who have been mis-led by their financial advisors and who have lost money as a result. We work on a No Win No Fee basis, subject to t&c’s

Many financial advisers made a lot of money transferring people’s pensions to dodgy, unregulated investment schemes, often receiving huge commissions for doing so, all while their clients were losing their retirement funds. The Financial Conduct Authority, are taking strong actions against the guilty parties, and the Financial Ombudsman’s Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme are now paying out hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation and interest to the victims of these scams. These claims can be very complicated to the lay person and it is easy to get it wrong.

We have years of experience in the Claims Management industry and we have had some large wins on recent Mis-sold Pension cases. So why not let us do the work for you.mer care team, who will keep you up to date, along with an experienced team of claims handlers and legal staff who will be responsible for securing the best outcome for you.

Look at some of these fantastic reviews from Trust Pilot!

“Claiming4U helped me to claim back money I lost from my pension which I though had gone forever. The team were really helpful and I had a dedicated claim adviser. It was a huge relief when they called to tell me that they had been successful with my claim.”Mr Bernard Moore - Source (Trust Pilot - 19/12/2017)
“I have had a very good experience with claiming 4u. Initially I was not very trusting of the company and was looking for the catch !!. But they did everything they said they would. They succeeded in getting me compensation for miss sold shares, all I did was send them any paperwork I had and they did the rest, even for shares that I no longer had paperwork for. I took about a year but it was worth waiting for. I received a large sum of money back and it was easy.”Mr Richard Smith - Source (Trust Pilot - 01/09/2017)
“Claiming4u helped me to reclaim money (almost £600 from mis-sold shares) that I had no idea I was entitled to. They contacted me, explained the situation clearly and why I was entitled to a claim and then helped me every step of the way giving me a named contact I could liaise with at any point. They were great, and without them I would never have seen a penny of this claim.”Mr Paul Galbraith - Source (Trust Pilot - 28/11/2017)