Claiming 4 U are a market leading in the pension claim industry and aim to get back money for clients who lost out due to bad advice from financial advisors and companies alike all on a no win no fee basis. We are rated 4 stars on trust pilot from customers we have helped reclaim back what they lost to ill advice.

The FCSC have set aside £375 million to help compensate clients who have lost money by being ill advised. Claiming 4 U will begin by checking if your eligible to make a claim over the phone if they believe you are they will send out some paperwork for you to complete for them to carry out the investigation further. Their friendly customer service team will be in touch with you the whole way to make sure your kept in the loop in regards to any updates. If after the investigation your unsuccessful you don`t pay a penny & if you are successful claiming 4 U will carry out the whole process for you and only charge a competitive industry fee out of the compensation you win.

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Who Are Harlequin Property?

A mishmash of financial advisers, celebrity endorsements and a promise of sure returns were the reasons behind thousands of people re-mortgaging their homes or transferring their Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPPs), Family-Pension Trust, Small Self-Administered Scheme (S.S.A.S) and using it to invest in now the Harlequin Property scheme.

With a promise of owning a share in a 5-star luxury beachfront property that would achieve a 90% occupancy, about six thousand people mainly from the U.K were induced into buying the Harlequins Property-Investment Scheme which assured an annual return of 10%.

In fact, the S.I.P.P investments that were from Harlequin-Property were portrayed in a manner that they looked fantastic and appealing to UK pension savers generating a whopping investment of £400 million.

How Harlequin Ripped Of There Clients.

The Harlequin investment scheme was tied on the promises that the money would be invested in luxurious properties abroad among them villas and hotels in exclusive places such as the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

Moreover, IFAs worked smartly to sell these policies to potential investors as they earned a lucrative commission of about 15%. These investors were to only pay a 30% cash deposit and were guaranteed a mortgage when the property was completed. The independent Financial-Advisors (I.F.As) sold this Harlequin investment plan heavily to pensioners and with their attractive projected returns, many fell into the trap.

Bad enough, Harlequin just completed a few buildings leaving investors without any capital or investment to lean on, and of course nothing as “guaranteed returns” existed.

How Can We Help You Get Your Claims?

Claiming 4 u is a market leader in the mis sold pension / investment claims and have helped many people make claims and received back money that have lost from these rouge schemes. We want to assure you that if you are a victim of this fraudulent investment scheme and wish to start taking action towards getting your Harlequin compensation claims, you can try to claim against Harlequin your self but by using us you will get a proven service which provides results all on a no win no fee basis. To find out more get in how we can help your Harliquin forestry claims complete the short form.

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See Why Claiming 4 U is Rated 4 Stars On Trust Pilot!

Claiming4U helped me to claim back money I lost from my pension which I though had gone forever. The team were really helpful and I had a dedicated claim adviser. It was a huge relief when they called to tell me that they had been successful with my claim.Mr Bernard Moore - Source (Trust Pilot - 19/12/2017)
I have had a very good experience with claiming 4u. Initially I was not very trusting of the company and was looking for the catch !!. But they did everything they said they would. They succeeded in getting me compensation for miss sold shares, all I did was send them any paperwork I had and they did the rest, even for shares that I no longer had paperwork for. I took about a year but it was worth waiting for. I received a large sum of money back and it was easy.Mr Richard Smith - Source (Trust Pilot - 01/09/2017)
Claiming4u helped me to reclaim money (almost £600 from mis-sold shares) that I had no idea I was entitled to. They contacted me, explained the situation clearly and why I was entitled to a claim and then helped me every step of the way giving me a named contact I could liaise with at any point. They were great, and without them I would never have seen a penny of this claim.Mr Paul Galbraith - Source (Trust Pilot - 28/11/2017)

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